Case studies

Access to Justice

The Global Justice Foundation has facilitated research into an international corruption in the Middle East which scandaled on the unheard scale . The case exposes economic crimes perpetrated over a decade, including documentary evidence of blackmail, bribery, forgery, fraud. Also, the misappropriation of assets valued in the billions, threats to court-appointed experts and attempts to illegitimately influence the judiciary.

The people involved are decision-makers who exercised an utter disregard for corporate compliance and commercial law. The evidence implicates a Big 4 accounting firm’s London operations. One of the world’s largest Islamic banks’ chairman, a state-owned bank, a former Citibank executive, also a Columbia Law School alumnus, a financial auditor, a subject-matter expert appointed by the courts in a leading, international financial hub, and most prominently a sitting Saudi minister.

The investigative reports reveal a systematic abuse of power that defrauded. Moreover, in some cases brought to ruin, a broad range of victims from low-income families to multi-billion-dollar corporations.